Video: Who moved my cheese?

Update [12 Jan 2010]: Apparently, the video has violated some copyrights issues and has been removed. Anyway, check out the book, it is definitely well worth the time.


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I read the book years back. A simple story but reveals profound truths about change. It applies to life and, of course, trading.

“It is time to move on!”

Check it out. and enjoy!

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  1. I read the book as well a while ago and really enjoyed it. Its easy, quick read but very poignant especially at this time of year when most are reviewing goals and setting them for the coming months.

  2. I read the book also and well worth the time. Good Luck in 2010 Gavin.


  3. The book gives great perspective…especially for traders!


  4. Good morning. I'm just a visitor on Twitter. I read this book and learned some truths on myself. Thanks for your posts.

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