Education video : How to use stops effectively

Adam from Market Club prepared a video to discuss about how to use stops effectively to lock in stop. Well,  I thought it is a good idea to recap somethings that you might have forgotten.

If you are not using stop today, then my friend, your trading career is going to be very short, and that’s not the purpose of the game..

Watch the Video here

Get Back up

Some of you might have already watched this video.  I found it to be inspiring. 5 minutes, is all it takes to inspire you.

Interesting commercial

Hat tip to Caroline Hobkinson who sent me the link of this video today. Funny. A good laugh for the weekend 🙂

Rogue Trader

I still don’t have luck. I am trying to find DVD in local store in Melbourne, Australia. Here is the trailer.

Interesting video

Election is coming in Australia, this video is funny… 😀