Bargain to share…

My frequent readers know I am using Market Club tools (trend analysis, data, charts, news, trading videos etc) in my trading, example here and here. I am glad to know that Market Club is now running a 3-day promotion which offers new subscribers 2 free months to see the tools that helps me in my trading. It is certainly worth to check it out.

In addition, INO TV premium is adding dozens of top experts videos.  Have a look.

These are good tools, and I am using them, and I am recommending to my readers now.

My Netvibes page

Something to share.
I decided to turn my netvibes page into a public page. Basically it is where and what i am reading every morning when preparing my trading.

Nothing fancy, just to show you some tools that I am using for my trading. I thought it might be useful for some of my 10 readers.

Have fun!

NetVibes page :


Tools for trader I: World clock on your desktop

If you are trading Forex like me, you should have some experience searching of world clock or time zone on Google. What is the time in London now? Has Japanese market closed now at Melbourne time 3pm? Forex is a 24-hour market, and volatility moves along with major market sessions. So, it is handy to have a world clock sitting on your desktop.

I have been using Qlock World clock since I started trading Forex and Futures. Living in Asia, and now Australia, I need to be aware which market is opened when establishing position.

Qlock World clock allows you to set up individual clock for each city of your choice, and even setup alarm. (So, not only for trader, you can use it to make sure you ring your love ones to say ‘Good morning, darling’ at the right time 🙂 ). Here is the snapshot of my desktop.


There are free and paid versions of Qlock World clock. With only $14.95, the professional version comes with Integrated RSS feed reader, Daily FX rates, Sticky notes, Automatic program updates, Multiple desktop profiles etc. Check it out.