EOD Recap 06 March 2018

Refer to pre market prep post here.

Here are the EOD reviewed Charts.

Markets covered:

  • Crude Light – CL June 18 Contract
  • 30yr US Treasury Bonds – ZB June 18 Contract
  • 10yr US Treasury Notes – ZN June 18 Contract
  • Ultra 10yr Treasury Note – TN June 18 Contract

My year end review, well, maybe.

monkeythinking.jpgI am thinking of doing a review for the year, but I don’t feel like going through the numbers on the blog this time. There were some major changes in my career, and life and it led to change of my trading style and trading instrument. I left my old job, and I left Singapore. I migrated to Melbourne, Australia taking up a consultancy job. Difference of time zone kinda ‘forced’ me to start looking into currency trading in details. In term of trading profit, yup, this is another positive year for me. The figure is roughly around 10% for the year.

I gave some thoughts about my trading. Trading is something that I really love to do. Maybe it is because, I am still doing it in part time basis. No financial pressure is affecting my trading activity at the moment. I am not sure if I happened to go full time, can I still enjoy the game like I do now? Well, I can’t answer it now. At least, for now, I love this game.

I have experienced the thoughts of ‘I hate my current job’ or ‘I should start trading full time and leave the stupid job’ phase. I believe, most of part time traders experienced this during their trading journey. However, I come to realize that, I love trading the market, but it is not an excuse to leave my current profession. Part time trading can be challenging, fun, profitable, and most important , relaxed. Full time trading is a totally different phase of career, it is a career switch, a life change etc. It requires proven skills, track record and capital. I will do that, when the time comes.

I am in the new country, new culture, new life. There are problems and challenges ahead. But I am sure trading is still part of my life for the coming years.

An American Hedge Fund

Tim sent me a copy of his new book An American Hedge Fund: How I Made $2 Million as a Stock Operator & Created a Hedge Fund last month. I finished reading it recently but just did not have time to write a review. As I am located in Australia, I have a little idea about Tim Syke who in fact is pretty ‘well known’ in CNBC and on the web. I did a quick search in Google, some good and bad comments are popping out about this young man.
So, how’s the book? Absolutely entertaining. To some new trader, it might be even inspirational to them. I like the way he wrote the book. Simple English, straight forward, telling you the who process of how he turn 12k to million and subsequently setting up his Cilantro Hedge Fund. In fact, most of time, you will find some of his experience are so similar to yours, to most of traders.

Cilantro Hedge Fund is closed now. I received an email from the fund itself last weekend.

Trading is a pretty boring business. You shall agree with me, otherwise, you are gambling. While waiting for your setup, I think it might be a good idea to get a copy of this book and enjoy.