CNBC Gives Financial Advice

I might be slow on posting this. But I just wanna keep a back up of this hilarious video. It reminded me John McCain/Letterman lessson 🙂  And it shows you how wrong the media can be when it comes to trading/investment.  So, do you still looking for ‘Advice’  from the ‘experts’ ?

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Some of you might have already watched this video.  I found it to be inspiring. 5 minutes, is all it takes to inspire you.

2008, a year to forget, yet a year to remember

It’s been a year to forget. With only two work-weeks left in 2008, the dollar’s year-to-date changes range from drops of 20% against the yen and 2.5% against the Swiss franc to gains of 5% against the euro, 23% against the Canadian dollar, 28% against the Australian dollar and 33% against sterling. Ten-year bond yields are down by 191 basis points in the U.S., 139 bps in Britain, 132 bps in Germany, and 28 bps in Japan. Among major equity indices, accrued losses amount to at least 34% for the Dow, Ftse, Dax, and Nikkei with the latter two down by 41.8% and 43.9%.

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At least, I “witnessed” and “experienced” the meltdown. 😆 I thought it is really a year to remember.

Posts worth reading

I haven’t been posting links for long. I was just too lazy, as always 🙂

Anyway,  here are some writings in which I think it is worth reading.

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USD performance over the past 30 days

H/T to Kathy Lien

Other than Chinese Yuan and Japanese Yen,  almost all currencies are beaten by the rising Dollar.


Real advice for Long TERM investment

I was reading this on This article…is kinda..dodgy to me.

Should I sell or hold?

Generally the experts recommend that it is better to hold and sit it out.

If you sell your shares or investment in most cases you will be triggering a real loss.

Remember, at the moment it is only a paper loss and you have not physically lost anything yet.

If you sell, as well as making a real loss you then have to find somewhere else to put your money.
This could mean you not only triggered a loss when you sold but you might also miss out on the share price rebound and have to buy in at higher prices.

Full crap here

Well, what do you think about this piece of ‘advice’? I thought it was “awesome”… :lol:.

The real advice the author is trying to say is…in plain english…. Just keep holding your losses, just keep holding..For long term, share market will be going up. Just keep holding …uhm..yeah, just keep holding…uhm…