This infographic was prepared by Oanda. I thought it is very clear and easy to understand.
Greece's Economic Crisis

Created by OANDA

The Greek Tragedy: Greece’s Economic Crisis, used with permission of OANDA

Lonely trader on the tape

Look! I told you there are good stuff in Traders Interview. The one and only Lonely trader, Jay, was recently interviewed. Check out my freaky friend’s interview, I am pretty sure you will be learning something from┬á him. Check it out

My interview with TASC

tascFinally, after waited for weeks, I managed to grab a copy of Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities, June 2009 issue. Yes, it is a little difficult to get the latest U.S magazine in Melbourne, Australia. Well, that’s not the point of this post.

I was interviewed by Jayanthi from TASC. I shared about my experience, how did I start up, and some routine of my trading day. Here is the scanned version of my interview.

Interview with Gavin – TASC

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Brawl Street: Buy low and Sell DIE, Interview with Jim Cramer

Here is the faceoff between Jon Stewart and Jim Cramer. Following his famous ‘CNBC gives financial advise’ episode. He was grilling Jim Cramer ­čść┬á I’m loving it!

Full episode can be found here. Enjoy! Have a good laugh!

Credit crisis explained

H/T to AtticMan.

This is an interesting and useful clip to explain credit crisis.

The Crisis of Credit Visualized .

Trading Edge, Less is more

A couple of blog posts that I found it to be useful. Enjoy reading.

I am quoting this from Tremble Hand Trader.

you don’t need more stuff you just need to practise what you have. That the endless search for market knowledge is wasted time. You are better taking what you know and testing´┐Żand practising that to death. After you have the basics everything else is just another layer of wasted complexity. Whats required is working on your strengths – niche development.

Full post here

Sometimes, we just forget. Again and again we spent time readings books, blogs, forums to search for new strategies, new systems or the worst, new indicators. Focusing on what we’ve already known, practise repeatedly, enhance it and develop it to become our unique edge. I like the term, niche development.

Here is another post from TraderFeed

It could be argued that the mechanical accuracy of the trading method would be less important to long-term success than the trader’s ability to adapt to market shifts with risk management that takes maximum advantage of periods of valid signals and minimizes risk during periods of invalid ones.

Full post here

I fully agree with the importance of developing the ability to adapt to market shifts. Nothing is going to work forever, being able to see the change, and develop a plan to work in the current environment is the way to go.