$USDSGD 19 August 2012

OK, I am still on vacation. Reading some charts while the missus and the kid are still in bed. I am interested in establishing short $USDSGD at current level. Of course, if it failed, the next level I am watching is slightly above 1.26.

Anyway, here is the chart.

[tab: Setup]

$USDSGD 19 August 2012 H4

[tab: Update 08 September 2012]

Here is the updated chart of USDSGD. The pair failed to break abvoe 1.2560, and downtrend resumes. It broke the last swing low last week. Let’s see how far it can go from here.

$USDSGD H4 update

Watch list for week 06 August 2012

Here is my watch list for the day/week, depending on the time frame. “Level to watch” is the level I expect to see some price reaction, not the exact entry price. There are other elements to be considered before opening a position. Charts will be posted if any trade is triggered. The list will be updated throughout the week.

$USDCAD revisit 31 JULY 2012

Here is the updated chart of USDCAD.


$AUDUSD 30 JUL 2012

Not trying to call a top, I just thought it might not be the best time to jump into LONG position now. Anyway, just a small observation, ABCD completion at the top of the channel.

Here is the…. CHART!

$AUDUSD H4 Harmonic setup

$EURJPY 27 JUL 2012

EURJPY H4. Maybe, just maybe above 98 is a better zone for short. Ignore the harmonic stuffs if they are not your things.


$USDCAD Daily 27 JULY 2012

Here is my view of USDCAD on daily chart.