Key Levels to watch for Week 21 Feb 2011

Here are the currency pairs and the key levels on my watch list for this week. I am not sure if I have any extra energy to trade this week, since I am busy preparing for next week’s house moving. Anyway, that’s not the point of this post. Again, these levels are just support/resistance that I am watching.

Here are the …CHARTS!

[tab: EURUSD]

$EURUSD Key levels


$GBPUSD Key Levels

[tab: EURGBP]

$EURGBP Key Levels

[tab: NZDUSD]

$NZDUSD Key Levels

[tab: EURJPY]

$EURJPY Key Levels

[tab: USDCHF]

$USDCHF Key levels

[tab: USDSGD]

$USDSGD Key Levels

$EURJPY 22 Nov 2010

We have a gap up during Monday Asian morning. I have two levels in my radar for potential short position. It is the confluence of resistance level, Fib extensions and channel median line.

[tab: Setup]

Here is the CHART to confuse you.

$EURJPY Bearish Harmonic setup

[tab: Update 24 Nov 2010]

This type of ‘fast-and-furious’ sell off does not happen very often, but I try to make sure I am in the market when it happens. Last piece of EURJPY short was closed few hours ago. Market seems to be a little messy now. I have no position at the moment, prefer to watch and wait for the market to settle for now.

Here is the CHART

$EURJPY 13 Sep 2010 , a butterfly flying?

It is harmonic time again! ­čÖé

A Bearish Butterfly is found to be ‘secretly forming in hourly chart of EURJPY.┬á And we are now at 1.618% extension level. Let’s see how it works out later.

Here is the… Butterfly!

Bearish Butterfly in EURJPY

Update $EURJPY: Are we back to support?

We had a nice sell off at the resistance level. Now, things are getting more interesting. EURJPY has fallen back to previous support area. Let’s see if we can catch some bounces here.

What do you think?

Here is the 4-hr chart.

Chart of the moment $EURJPY 23-Oct-2009

This is daily chart of EURJPY. Well, you can say we are  heading to a mountain of resistance, or maybe we again, prepare for a breakout? Interesting to follow this development.

What do you think?

Here is the…. CHART!


Some technical statistics :


One day trade: $EURJPY Short 13-August-2009

As I’ve mentioned in Twitter, I saw a day trade opportunity to short EURJPY(FOREX:EURJPY). ┬áThe trade went well, though I did not expect the aggressive selling. Very simple setup, playing with support resistance levels in bigger time frame, and day trade in 15-min chart.

I do not make too many of short term trade like this, I thought this trade is a good example of simplicity.

Here is the…. CHART!