Weekend Charting 20 May 2012

Here are charts with levels I am watching for the coming week.



Live Chart

Weekend charting 20 May 2012 USDJPY by tradergav on TradingView.com










Good trading.


Weekend Charting 06 May 2012

Here are the charts with some ‘annoying lines’ that I am watching for the coming week. Hope they annoy you as well.

$AUDUSD Hourly

$AUDUSD Hourly

$AUDJPY 240min

$AUDJPY 4-hour

$EURUSD 240min

$EURUSD 4-Hour

$EURAUD 240min

$EURAUD 4-Hour

$EURJPY Hourly

$EURJPY Hourly

$GBPUSD 240min

$GBPUSD 4-Hour

$NZDUSD 240min

$NZDUSD 4-Hour

$USDJPY 240min

$USDJPY 4-Hour

$USDSGD 240min

$USDSGD 4-Hour

$USDCHF 240min

$USDCHF 4-Hour

$USDCAD 240min

$USDCAD H4 06May2012

Good trading!

Weekend Charting 28 April 2012

Here are a couple of charts in my watch list. I am looking at the levels for next week’s trading.  I don’t find a lot with clean levels now. So patience is required at the beginning of the week.

Anyway,  here are the CHARTS.

$GBPAUD — This is probably the cleanest chart I can find at the moment.  Support is approaching with confluence of 50% retracement.

$GBPAUD Hourly

$NZDUSD — The second test of resistance level with confluence of 61.8% retracement.

$NZDUSD hourly

$USDJPY – We are back to previous hourly swing low. In case it breaks down from here,  I am looking at next potential target of 79.55 ish. Otherwise, we might continue bouncing in the range.

$USDJPY Hourly

$EURJPY – There are too many touches of the support level for my liking. I am only looking at potential trading opportunity when it breaks down from here.  Otherwise, ‘ I am not touching that!’

$EURJPY Hourly

$AUDUSD – Aussie dollar is sitting at the top of channel, and completed a symmetrical move last week.

$AUDUSD Hourly

That’s all for now. Good trading.

$EURJPY 09 May 2011

Here is one of the charts in my radar this week, $EURJPY.  I have observed the completion of ABCD formation. I am interested in watching the price go a little deeper into support zone, and looking for opportunity to establish Long position. Let’s see.

Here is the CHART!

$EURJPY Bullish Harmonic setup

$EURJPY 02 May 2011

Here is the potential long setup I tweeted earlier on. We have a pretty neat symmetrical movement within the channel. And I am still looking at 123 as potential target.

Here is the… CHART!

$EURJPY long setup

$EURJPY 27 April 2011

So, long weekend is over, and I am back to my trading desk. EURJPY caught my eyes, and potentially, I am looking at short setup in the area near 121, and next will be looking at 123.

Here is the …. CHART!

$EURJPY potential short setup