Work in progress

My ATS (or should I say semi-ATS) programming work continues.  Expert advisor of my Really Dumb Trend Catch system has been running since early this week, well, of course, in demo account. It is doing what it is supposed to do. So, not too bad, I am happy with it. I am working on setting up email alert system now. The basic idea of my semi-automation is to run the system at home, alerts me via email, so I can enter and manage my positions from office.  This is essential to me since Metatrader connection is blocked in my work place. At the same time, the system is also taken care by my private full time trader at home — my wife! 😆

Here is the work flow of my semi ATS .


Here is the example of my trading screen now:


On the side note, I have just received my executive office chair. Pretty cool and comfortable. Now, I can trade from home , in the bossy mafia style…:lol:


Some holiday updates

This  year’s Christmas/New Year break, we choose to stay in Melbourne, relaxed and “do nothing”. 🙂  No traveling, no vacation.

So, here is to show you what I have done for the past week. I spent some time coding and testing my system. Well, basically, I am not a big fan of back testing , I was just playing around my programming skills, to prove I am still good enough to code some programs 😆 . This is the system I am trading day in and day out, so I know it works, even without the dumb ass back testing.  It definitely makes my life a lot easier after program it to generate automated trading signal. Now even my wife can put in the orders for me…:)

So, the name of the system? ‘Really Dumb Trend Catch’ system. Here is an example of EURGBP trade before Christmas.


I’ve also coded an EA (Expert Advisor) in Metatrader. Well, I do not intend to go for automated trading just yet. Just having fun writing some codes. I found programming keeps my brain sharp.  I have been doing research and reading about automated trading, particularly in currencies trading area. Probably, I will write up something later on.

Holidays continue……