My Weekend reading list: Saturday ,22 November 2014


I have “weekend blue”, because, weekend to me, is all about driving around, sending kiddo to different enhancement classes. So the term TGIF means nothing to me. Anyway, on the bright side, the driving-waiting period is also a good time for me to clear my reading backlog.

Here are the articles I have collected this week, I thought might be valuable for traders’ development.


Trend Continuation, or Failure? An Analytic Roadmap.: A couple of weeks ago, I posted up a few quick notes in regards to some trend following rules in order to get this blog moving again. Today, I am literally writing a response to a question I received in the comments. Like most questions I get, they are not easily answered in one or two sentences. – Tags: traders development –

GET OVER IT!: Depending on how long you have been trading the markets, you have experienced or will experience all of the following scenarios.  In fact, if you can hold on to your hard earned savings long enough, you will experience them numerous times.  You will not know when these may occur or on which trade. – by David – Tags: traders development –

Quote from Felix Dennis: Quote from an interesting article If you want to be rich, first stop being so frightened If you are unwilling to fail, sometimes publicly, and even catastrophically, you stand little chance of ever getting rich. If you care what the neighbours think, you will never get rich. – by Gav – Tags: traders development –

How to Make Better Decisions BBC Documentary – Tags: traders development –

Challenging Yourself and Changing Yourself: This brings us back to the issue of the dangers of having impotent goals. A potent goal is a visionary one; it raises us to a new level, challenges us, and excites us. Visionary goals are inherently idealistic: not in the sense of pie-in-the-sky, but in the sense of speaking to our ideals. – by Brett Steenbarger – Tags: traders development –

5 Trend Following Rules That Have Bailed Me Out of Trading Purgatory: In an effort to keep this site moving along I wanted to dig a little more into the trend following category today. There are few explanations I have ever read that leave me truly satisfied in terms of how to trade a trend properly. – Tags: traders development –

Why You Should Be a Risk-Taker: Since you can’t really avoid risk, you might as well take control of the situation. Pick Your Poison
Risk is ever-present. You might think you’re avoiding risk by sticking with safer (that is, less volatile) investments, such as bonds. – by Jason Stipp – Tags: traders development –

The First Hour of Trade : How Important is It?: Please download the following reports to supplement Jim’s presentation: S&P Morning Report for November 19, 2014Download it here S&P Recap and Preparation Report for November 20, 2014Download it here S&P Morning Report for November 20, 2014Download it here – by J Dalton Trading – Tags: traders development –

7 Deadly Trading Sins, And a Rat: Welcome to the Wednesday edition of’s FastBreakTM. Today’s author is Ryan Jones, who is considered one of the trading industries “most complete traders”. Starting his trading career at the early age of 16, he had traded nearly every major market and strategy by the age of 21. – Tags: traders development –

The Personality Trait Most Important to Cultivate for Success: If, indeed, success is traversed by staircase and not elevator, what would be the best predictor of success? It might be quite simple: the propensity to take the next step. That propensity is part of what is known in psychology research as conscientiousness. – by Brett Steenbarger – Tags: traders development –

Crabs and Deep Crabs part 1 – EliteJets’s library: – Tags: traders development –

The Market Profile: Trading Value versus Price – by J Dalton Trading – Tags: traders development –

Enjoy, and have a good weekend.

Keep Learning, Keep Trading.


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