Working offsite

As I mentioned before, I am trading from Jakarta, Indonesia for the next couple of weeks. Here is to show you my offsite office setup. Keep it simple. πŸ™‚ Β Man, I miss my LCD screens back in Melbourne….

Using Evernote to create trading journal

I don’t have trade to share today, instead, I am thinking of sharing the ‘tool of the day’ to my readers πŸ™‚ . I have recently start using Evernote on my iPhone and laptop as my digital assistant. And today, I thought I would try to integrate the tool to my daily routine – market review, and journaling. And, I am truly impressed by the tool.

Here is a short video clip I have created.

Use evernote to create trading journal

And you can login to Evernote’s website to view your saved journals from any computer, or read it from your mobile phone. Here is the snapshot of my iPhone.

I love the tool. And , this is my personal review of Evernote, and I am no affiliate to them. Just another tool to share, check it out.

Studies of Bar Patterns


Here is another great free resource from EWI.
EWI recently released a free report on Bar Patterns, in which I think it is worth to download and have a read. The report shows ways you can use common bar patterns to spot high-probability trading opportunities with 30 charts across 15 pages. Check it out while it is still free.

Here is the short summary of the report:
How to use bar patterns to spot trade setups

  • Double inside Bars
  • Arrows
  • Popguns

How to make bar paterns work for you

  • The Three-In-One Bar Pattern
  • Forward and Reverse
  • How to use an outside-inside reversal to spot trade setups

Full report here

    Have a good trading week!

    New tool in office

    Some of you on twitter might know I have recently purchased an Kindle Wireless Reading Device (6″ Display, Global Wireless, Latest Generation). It is also available to customer in Australia now, so I thought why not? Taking a little advantage of strong AUD. πŸ™‚

    After reading on it for the past 2 days, all I can say is , I am loving it! This is a great gadget will allow me to carry a lot of books while traveling to Asia starting next week.

    Here is a snapshot of my Kindle. Guess, what am I reading now?


    Btw If you are thinking of a Christmas gift for your loved ones, I thought this is a brilliant gift.

    Free Technical Analysis Handbook

    Today more and more investors are warming to the fact that psychology moves markets and therefore fundamental analysis, which fails to properly measure mass investor psychology, must be flawed.

    Who can blame them? After all, fundamental analysis — based on past company earnings, rating agency projections and the like — proved to be of little value during the bust.

    There is a better way.

    Many investors who monitor investor sentiment readings, study Elliott wave patterns and employ other powerful technical indicators were — at very least — able to position themselves to survive the recent decline. Still others were able to turn crisis into opportunity and profit from the volatility.

    How’d they do it?

    Technical analysis.

    You see, technical indicators remove the cloudy, bias-driven assumptions from your analysis and focus on the one thing that moves markets: investor psychology.

    Past performance is not indicative of future results — and that’s where fundamental analysis goes wrong. It fails to factor in the psychology that not only moves markets up and down but also leads analysts to extrapolate the current or past trend into the future. That’s why fundamental analysts almost always miss major tops and bottoms.

    Folks over at Elliott Wave International employ the largest team of technical analysts in the world. They recognize that optimism peaks before market tops and pessimism troughs before market bottoms. They use powerful and sometimes unconventional tools to help identify psychological extremes that signal high-probability turning points.

    EWI’s brand-new 50-page eBook, The Ultimate Technical Analysis Handbook, will show you the various methods of technical analysis they use every day and teach you how to use these powerful tools for yourself.

    If you’re a technician, this eBook is perfect for you. If you’re a fundamentals follower, it’s more important than ever that you give technical analysis a closer look. Even if you never completely abandoned your fundamental indicators, you WILL benefit from drawing on these valuable technical tools.

    Learn more about this free eBook, and download your copy here.

    New toys in the office


    My two-year-old ADSL2+ modem has declared death three days ago. I was in the panicking situation…

    Anyway, I decided to go for all-in-one solution, ADSL2+ modem+wireless. I go for Dynalink ADSL2+ 4-port Wireless Modem. So, instead of switching on two devices, I am having one to serve me. In addition, I just bought myself a Vodafone Mobile Broadband USB Modem. This serves really well as back up connection.Β  No ISP in Australia is perfect. In fact, most of them are problematic. So, instead of fighting with the fact, I get myself prepared. Well, at least, I need to make sure my trading is not affected.