Sierra Chart Sharing: Number Bar (Footprint chart)


Number Bar/Footprint chart is one of the most important tool in my day trading toolbox.  Sierra Chart provides users built-in studies for it.  Sierra Chart is a very well-designed, and stable charting platform, and it is also very flexible for users to customise.

I am sharing a chart book with Number Bar setup and some of my own customisation. Feel free to download and copy to your trading chart. I hope this will save you some time in case you are new to Sierra Chart or Number Bars.

Download the chart book and save it into Sierra Chart Data Files Folder, and Go to Sierra Chart and select File >> Open Chartbook . Feel free to customise it or share it to other Sierra Chart user if you like.

Download here


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  1. Nice clean chart setup. Thanks for sharing!

  2. antonio says:

    I recently installed Sierra. Can I change the colors of bid ask, see the imbalance? as. Thanks a lot of work

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