Sierra Chart sharing: ChartDom Entry chart

Chart DOM is one of my favourite Sierra Chart features. It gives users the flexibility to synchronize chart, and DOM. Chart DOM has all features of traditional Sierra Chart DOM, with ability to attach (and synchronized) into a chart. Sierra Chart DOM is higly customisable, and light weight. In my trading, I always have a […]

Sierra Chart Book sharing: Updated Trading DOM template November 2017

I have made changes to the my Sierra Chart trading DOM over time, I thought I will share it here again. The previous version is working, this version is just enhanced with more information that I used in my trading. Download the chart book and save it into Sierra Chart Data Files Folder, and Go […]

Launch of New TJS website and Trading Journal Spreadsheet Elite V8

TJS team recently launched enhanced website and introduce Trading Journal Spreadsheet Elite version 8. TJS is one of the trading tools I have been using for years, and it is definitely worth checking out the new version 8 which packed with powerful features.  To celebrate the launch, for limited time, I am happy to inform […]

Sierra Chart Book sharing: Market Depth Historical Graph

Sierra Chart introduced Market Depth Historical Graph at the end of 2016 after receiving requests from users. It is a tool which is similar to BookMap. The Market Depth Historical Graph study displays at each chart column the highest market depth quantity at each price level, which occurred during the timeframe of the chart bar, as […]

Curated Tweets – Best tweets collections

I have collected some tweets over time, which I think it is helpful for traders to read again from time to time. You can treat as “trading wisdom” or just general reminder of rules to run this business. You find the link at the side bar “Best Tweet Collection“, or access to this page

Sierra Chart Sharing: Number Bar (Footprint chart)

Number Bar/Footprint chart is one of the most important tool in my day trading toolbox.  Sierra Chart provides users built-in studies for it.  Sierra Chart is a very well-designed, and stable charting platform, and it is also very flexible for users to customise. I am sharing a chart book with Number Bar setup and some […]

EOD contextual view of Bund, ES 19-20 May 2016

Key summary: ES false break of previous swing low 2026 Bund found support at 163.09

EOD contextual view of Bund, Stoxx, ES 18 May 2016

Key Summary: Bund continued auctioning lower, finding lower balance Stoxx trading within bracket ES failed to break previous swing low, trapped sellers

EOD contextual view of Bund, Stoxx, ES 17 May 2016

Here are quick EOD view of the 4 instruments I am trading. Key summary: Bund (FGBL) did a one-tick test of 09 May 2016 low yesterday. Stoxx (FESX) inside day breakout failure Emini S&P futures (ES) failed test of Monday VPOC, and seeking lower balance   All charts prepared using Sierra Chart.

Sierra Chart Book sharing: Trading DOM template

  Sierra Chart is always my preferred choice of charting and trading platform. This post is not to introduce Sierra Chart (I will come to that in the future), but to share chart templates I have used in my trading. (Hopefully I can make this into a series of posts and sharing more templates in […]