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Something about $USDJPY : 26 March 2010

I have been watching USDJPY. For short term trading purposes, I am looking at potential short opportunity above 93 cents. Of course, it might start to retrace before 93….Anyway, I am looking at another leg to move up to 93 now.

A follow up of $NZDJPY

I don’t normally post detailed result of my trades. I just thought this chart is a beauty. Referring to the previous post for the short setup of NZDJPY. Target was hit. 63.05. And, maybe, this trade shows a little effort to plan your trade will reward you. Here is the charts.

$NZDJPY…again 17-March-2010

NZDJPY held 63 level well, and made a good run to mid 64 level.  I reviewed my analysis, and now I am keen to look at short opportunity at current level.  I am going in to test the resistance zone. Let’s see. Here is the 4-hour chart

So where the bloody hell are you?

I am still here. But I was on the pathetic 3G wireless mobile broadband. I was not able to do too much with the inconsistency of speed, and frequent connection drops . The only things I could do were browsing Facebook and sometimes, twittering. My charts were lagging. Ticking whenever it liked to. And I […]