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Coffee thoughts of the day 29-April-2009

  I am not going to post charts today. In summary, my Long positions of GBPJPY and USDJPY were slaughtered , Long AUDUSD made it all back with additional profit.Read my twit here.  If you live or visited Melbourne, Australia before, you should know about our most ‘Fabulous’ and ‘efficient’ public transport system. Let’s only […]

Trading idea: NZDUSD Short 27-April-2009

This is another trading idea comes out from my weekend chart scan.  NZDUSD is another short pattern, that is targeting 0.560-ish, 0.5570-ish, and 0.5520-ish as 3 targets.  These offer 1:2, 1:3, 1:4 R/R.  We have official cash rate and RBNZ rate statement released this coming Thursday, so watch out. I can be very wrong again, […]

One USDCHF trade 23-April-2009

Short position of USDCHF was established at the same time as my EURUSD trade mentioned in the last post.  Technically, I was bearish about Dollar. Another classical text-book pattern. Profit target was hit on Friday with +2R , a perfect way to end the week. It has been a decent week with +7R. I am […]

EURUSD trade closed 24-April-2009

Trading idea of Long EURUSD pays off today. Profit target was achieved and position was closed with +3R, or +200 pips (does pips count make me sound awesome? whatever…). I guess, patience played the major part of this position. Well, I should admit that, there were times that I really wanted to exit earlier. Fortunately, […]

One USDJPY trade 22-April-2009

  At the end of Tuesday U.S session, I saw a nice short setup in USDJPY. Classical text-book pattern to me, and offered me 1:2 R/R.  Short position was established, profit target was achieved at the mid day of Asian session. Not too bad with +2R gain. Here is the…CHART! Well, forget about the MACD, […]

Trading idea: EURUSD Long 21-April-2009

Firstly, the NZDUSD pattern failed last night, so, no trade was taken. Dollar had a good day, and it actually brought EURUSD back to daily support zone. I see opportunities to get in some Long positions. Orders are pending now, waiting for entry setup. Let’s see how it goes.  1:3 R/R setup.  Anyway, here is […]

Is it time now? Let’s Long some Kiwi

Here is a Free/Fatal trading idea. I am looking at NZDUSD, and I am seeing opportunity to establish Long position soon at around 0.5685 zone. This is a swing trading idea 1st target is around 0.584-ish while final target is around 0.599-ish zone.  It looks delicious to me. Let’s see how it works out later. […]

9 life lessons from Rock Climbing

This is another great video from TED. Matthew Childs talked about 9 life lessons he learned from rock climbing. Good stuff for your weekend. Check it out.

AUDUSD trade 15-April-2009

This is to show you the chart of AUDUSD trade which I mentioned in Twitter yesterday. I would not disagree if you are considering taking some profit off the table.  I see 0.73 is a good spot to unload some.  Here is the….CHART!

Something for your long weekend

I shared this video with my friends on Facebook. I thought it is an good idea to share it here with my readers for this long Easter weekend. This has absolutely nothing to do with trading. It is about life. I love it. Enjoy. Again, watch it, you’ll get it. Happy Easter.