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Be careful……

This is a non-trading post. I just lost my favorite cup. It has been accompanying me for the past 3 years. And my silly mistake this evening, I broke it. OK, that’s it. Go back to watch the market. Be careful of this chaotic week. Notorious U.S Unemployment report is coming this Friday. [photopress:cup0005_web.jpg,full,1] Take […]

Is it time now?…uhm..

Yup, it is time now for me to have a break from currency trading. OK,  it is just an excuse. Basically, I do not find anything interesting or tradeable, well, in my definition. We are heading into a big week/chaotic week? My Sunday night chart scanning was a mess. I have a bunch of ugly […]

Show you a trend, ok, my trend

Here is another trading secret, again!?! 😆 I thought you guys like secrets,don’t you? The purpose of writing this post is to get my mind organized. I have been working in developing my trading model for the past few days, and my brain is kinda experiencing information overloaded now. If I can write down something […]

Update, short note, whatever

I was stopped out by a couple of trades this week. But, to maintain my Guru snake oil sales man status, I am not going to post charts of my losing trades here. 😆 , remember, snake oil salesman never shows you losing trades. 😆 Come on, just a bunch of charts that were stopped. […]

Variable Fractional Percent (VFP) method

Listen, I am going to reveal trading secret again! 😆 I have been working on position sizing and risk management stuffs recently. I am trying to optimize the return of my trading, since I see consistency in my trading recently. So, instead of increase setups or trading opportunities, I am thinking of stick to the […]

Is it time now?…GBPUSD..uhm…

Last Thursday, we saw a sudden rally of GBPUSD, and we are now testing 2.0 handle. For trading purpose, I am looking at the possibility of riding the short term trend to around 2.02-ish level. Simple trend line breaking setup. Let’s see how it goes. Here is the….. CHART! [photopress:gbpusd20april2008_1.gif,full,1] Here is the ….Trend score. […]

One Aussie, one Cable, and one Euro..

I started the the week with bullish view of Euro dollar. Since it was testing historical high, I did not jump in immediately. After the sell-off gap in the Monday Asian session was filled, I went long with extremely small position size. Yes, it was extremely small. LOL 😆 . Heck, I was stopped out […]

The Whipsaw Song by Ed Seykota

OK, most of you may have listened to this song by Ed Seykota from other blogs’ links. But, I am going to post it here again, as back up. 😆 Man, it is an interesting song. Enjoy. Trading should be fun, like this, no? 🙂 Here is the lyrics ( From The Trading Tribe)

Is it time now?uhm…..EURUSD

We had an exciting week for EURO. Now, it looks kinda bullish, and poised to break historical high again. OK, no sure thing, but chances are there. There are a lot of reports/commentary from G7 meeting. It depends on how do you read it. Again, I am not a financial analyst, so nothing much I […]

Another EURO trade

What a day for EURO! Just as I thought it might be a boring day, I saw something was cooking in EURUSD chart. I went long during London session. This is a classical text-book style setup. OK, again, it is Trader Gav’s text book though. 😆 My plan was to catch the ride when it […]