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Tradestation…FAILED again

I feel very cold here. Because…my tradestation charts and quotes are FROZEN again?!? So cold…I can’t trade at all… YM, NQ, ES, ER2 all frozen like ice…. I don’t know what is going on here. Does anyone of you trading futures on tradestation and having the same problem? Please shoot me a comment. I am […]

No trade: Tradestation failed

I am back to trading today. But…..I really don’t know what is going on with tradestation. All charts of index futures are frozen.After rebooting my laptop, it doesn’t help. Something is wrong. Bad start of the trading day. So, I am not going to waste my time here. No trade for me today. I am […]

FireFox 2.0 Launched

I am back. Before I continue, go download FireFox 2.0! I am still playing around with this. Here is the snapshot of FireFox2.0 with cooliris preview add-on. So cool. Go, check it out now. [photopress:firexfox2.0.JPG,full,pp_image]

October 2006 : Week 3 review

Before I leave for a week off, here is my weekly result review. Another positive week for me. There weren’t much opportunities during the options expiration week. I made 3 trades, 2 losers and 1 winner. And yet, I am still in black at the end of the week. Average trade and execution score is […]

Away for a week

I am traveling to northern?Malaysia next week. So I won’t be trading for the whole week. I am trying to get a copy of ‘Trading in the zone’ before I leave, not sure if it is available in the local bookstore. Anyway, This is gonna be another quest of great food ?

Postmortem 19-Oct-2006

Dear diary, A quick and short one. I did not make any trade. The market movement today was not my liking. Well, is this because of option expiration? No idea. I was tempted to scalp here and there, but, I did not, I was not ready. Now market is closed. The feeling of not losing […]

IE7 launched

After watching the boring market till 12pm NY time, I gave up. I don’t have good feeling of the market now. So I decided to spend sometime to get IE7 installed.

Stop and look back

I have not completed my 100 trades of dummy trading, so it is still too early to do statistical analysis. But i think it is appropriate to review my progress and decide my next step. I had bad days since end of August. Looking at the performance chart since 01-August-2006 to 18-Oct-2006, ugly?, I think […]

Wallstrip – 18-Oct-2006 ADOBE

Not publicising for, because they are already well known enough.Check out this video clip for 18-Oct-2006, ADOBE. The funniest ever.The wallstriper has done a good job. It is my daily reading blog.

Internet Addiction May Soon Top Alcoholism

I trade online, I blog, and I read blog and check email on my PDA when I am in the train! But, I never hide… From A new study indicates the US could soon have an illness just as bad as alcoholism – internet addiction. Researchers at Stanford found that 1 in 8 Americans […]